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Rhodes Island..!

The island of Rhodes...!

Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodecanese and offers something for every taste. Whether if you want to get
classic holiday with sun, sand and sea, an exciting nightlife or if you want to come in the flavor of the Greek
and find out a little bit of the history of this jewel of the Greek tourism. This sunny island is a beautiful
and especially a multifaceted holiday
destination for everybody.

Rhodes offers the whole year excellent climate with rising temperatures up to 38 degrees during the high
season between July and August. The sun god Helios, who was once given the island of Zeus provides Rhodes
300 days of sunshine per year and therefore with a very pleasant Mediterranean climate. Rhodes is one of
the sunniest regions in Europe.

Visitors are drawn back again and again year after year because of the rare
combination of ancient and modern, nature and nightlife.

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